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Small Gold Princess Rainbow Earrings

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  • Genuine 18CT yellow gold plated earrings small hoop with rainbow princess gems.
  • Hoop earrings are yellow gold plated and are very small, just 1cm in size.
  • Gold earrings features very sparkly princess rainbow colors gemstones which are cubic zirconias.
  • Princess hoop earrings will be sent by insured First Class in the black gift box and purple earring bag as shown. Expect to receive the tiny sparkling earrings in under 3 days.

Authentic yellow gold plated small hoop earrings are absolutely gorgeous and features sparkly rainbow colored princess gemstones.

Hoop earrings measure just 1cm in size, and are real 18ct yellow gold plated and it's gorgeous and very sparkly princess gemstones are different colored cubic zirconias.

Black gift box and purple jewelry bag as shown will be included with the small hoop earrings.

Princess rainbow earrings comes with a 60 day money back guarantee should in the unlikely event, you are unhappy with your sparkling earrings. We offer this to show we have faith that you will love your gold small hoop earrings.